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mongoloid-o's Journal

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26th February 2004

Current Mood: impatient

5th December 2002

4:11pm: jesus christ wiping his ass with the bible, i'm tired. modem fix. good. sleep now. forever. thats right, i'm gonna die at any second, i have a timebomb hidden in my brain or ribcage. either way when it gets to 00:00, the whole town's going up in a cloud of shit.
Current Mood: tired as cunt

30th November 2002

2:20am: thanksgiving was a load of shit.
Current Mood: pee

26th November 2002

12:35am: hen's love roosters
geese love ganders
every body loves ned flanders
...not me
everybody else loves ned flanders
Current Mood: sad

14th November 2002

11:27pm: A potato is a lowly vegetable without individuality.
Current Mood: pissed off

12th November 2002

11:48pm: no one reads this.

Current Mood: sloppy

30th October 2002

9:15am: I believe in America.
Current Mood: pretty

24th October 2002

2:30pm: Yngwie Malmsteen

16th October 2002

2:05pm: Today, as for me it is the penis of God. That this community is connected, someone called to me. As for me there is from an area of 515, the livejournal like everyone, exactly are other things. I do not know every local band that I like. I like loud music.
2:01pm: It is good, this is the journal where I am new. This is my 12th journal perhaps. This one even with with someone does not become ruinous! Nope, all what. In any case, my day was foolish. Present I awoke slowly, went to the building which for my first class you make a mistake. The female dog did not inform the fact that we have met in the fucking wellness center to us. Well of Ohio state. I have done the fact that nap now you take.
1:56pm: new! :)
Current Mood: accomplished
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